Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Handmade Jewelry: Step 3

And so...now that we have a piece of handmade jewelry made and polished, we now have to document it in another way. Pictures...this entails a whole bunch of more work. You have to learn to become a photographer of designer jewelry. When I first started, I used a Sam Sung 2.o mega pixel digital camera. I'd take about 50 pictures of each handcrafted piece and hope to get one that I could use. ack! It wasn't the camera, it was me. Learning about lighting, the macro feature and backgrounds took a while. When I finally got it, I still would take about 20 pictures. When you have 200 pieces, this is indeed a real pain. sigh... I now have a Sam Sung 8 mega pixel digital camera and take a lot less pictures. yea! You can see pictures of my handmade jewelry at http://www.keystonejewelry.com/. Here is a picture of a piece I recently sold:

It is an Angelite surrounded by light blue freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. I was truly sad to see this one go...but it went to a wonderful home. A young man I know bought it for his mother for the fourth of July. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and was blown away. I would be too if my son bought me such a present...anytime! *smile*

This is how I take pictures of my handmade jewelry. I use a clear rubbermaid tub, a white sheet of paper and three lamps with REAL light bulbs. I bought the light bulbs at Wal Mart and the lamps with clamps at Tractor Supply (hardware stores carry them too). I set my designer jewelry piece on the sheet of paper...cover it with the tub...place the lamps on each side and top to shine through the tub...cut a hole in the tub for my camera lense...and snap away! I suggest neutral background colors of white, beige, or gray. These seem to work best for me.