Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Creating Handmade Jewelry

Welcome to my handmade jewelry blog!

I thought I'd create a place that I could go into detail about just what it takes to make a handcrafted piece of wire jewelry. Some people might wonder just why in the world a piece might cost what it does. Maybe my blog will help explain a few things that hasn't been considered before. Enjoy!

Step 1: Everything begins with a design... Selecting stones to incorporate in my work is my greatest pleasure. I’m in awe of the colors, and striations created by Mother Nature and the fluid shapes created by the lapidary artist. It is the stone from which my creativity emerges in three different forms. One such form is done by placing the stone on a blank sheet of paper and drawing around it. While gazing upon the stone, I will envision a pattern of vines cradling the stone and begin to draw them on the paper. I will doodle if you will, until I feel the pattern is just right. The other form I use to determine how a stone will be set is through dreams. There is a time just before I awaken, either in the morning or after a short nap, that my mind will see one of my stones and start to set the stone in various forms. The wire will come into view working its way around the stone like a grapevine climbs a fence post. A part of nature influencing me and showing me the way the wire should flow around the stone. I keep a pencil and pad by my bedside in order to capture these visions as quickly as possible lest I lose them in thought of another adventure life holds. The last form of design comes directly from the wire and stone. Having secured the stone with wire in either the beginings of what I call a full sculpt or another style, the border wrap... the remaing wires need to be dealt with. This is where the creative mind goes to work. Some how, the wire tells me the way...and the design begins to emerge...softly whispering along to completion.

Summary: Developing a design can be as easy as dreaming...or as complicated as sitting for hours in a chair drawing away till you feel it is perfect. The latter is how the piece above was created. *smile*


bren said...

i'm new your bracelets are beautiful. I need help with wire wrap bracelets.

Nancy F said...

Hi Bren!

Thank you! Making wire bracelets are easier than making necklaces for me...I have one tut on my site http:www.keystonejewelry.com that shows you how to make a wire link bracelet. I hope to have more tuts (tutorials) in the future. Alas, time is always a factor with us jewelry artists. Get you some copper wire to practice with at: http:www.brandywinejewelrysupply.com This wire is easy to work with and a lot less expensive than silver or gold filled wire. I use it to create new designs. Keep in touch. I'll help you if I can.
Nancy F

cidgi said...

Hello Nancy!
I was on your web site and you make great jewelry - Im a french artist - and would like work the silver sterling wire for my future works - is it easy to work and on your pictures the wire looks big - what size do u use it the most please - thanks for your answer !

Nancy F said...

Hi Cidgi, No it is not as easy as it looks. However, there are items that are easier to make than others. The size wire I use is anywhere from 28 gauge to 16 gauge. It just depends on what I am making. Making wire jewelry just takes lots of practice...the more you do it, the better you get. Then your mind just flies. Well...mine does and I bet as an artist yours would too. :) On my website www.keystonejewelry.com there is a link (on my about me page, click on the logo) to the Guild I am President of. It is an international guild and has a public forum with translation of languages. Best wishes, Nancy F

Every-Mom said...

You are my sister.