Saturday, December 19, 2009

New wire jewelry designs

This past year I pretty much took off and didn't make any jewelry. I lost my dog Hudson and I just didn't feel like being very creative. These new pieces are more or less practice pieces. lol I hope you enjoy them! The one pictured above is Charoite with black onyx and amethyst.

The one below is Chrysocolla surrounded by faceted Peridot. The cab was created by Jaime Colee. I just love her chrysocolla!
The cab below is Malachite in woven argtentium silver. The bezel is totally woven and then formed to hug the stone. Many feet of wire went into the making of this pendant. I learned a lot and yet, I'm not sure I'd make another. *grin*

I wish everyone a happy holdiday season. Best wishes, Nancy F


HJC Editor said...

What gorgeous pieces you have...great job! Thanks for sharing!


Viv said...

Such beautiful jewellery,tfs:O) Viv xx